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The P2P Democracy research project at Leuphana Inkubator


I have joined the German research center Leuphana Inkubator as Research Fellow. The project is titled P2P Democracy, and forms part of a wider initiative, Grundversorgung 2.0.

More on the Inkubator Website : http://www.leuphana.de/inkubator.html

And the Grundversorgung 2.0 blog: http://digitale-grundversorgung.de/

Updates on this project as it develops.


Call for Papers – Value and Currency in Peer Production

I am Co-editing an issue of the Journal of Peer Production, together with Nathaniel Tkacz and Francesca Musiani.

The title of this issue is Value and Currency in Peer Production.

See the full info on the Call for Papers at:


“Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy”, Published by Orange France

P2P Foundation Coop research project co-authored by Michel Bauwens, Franco Iacomella and me (Nicolás Mendoza).

See the announcement at Orange.com including brief description and audio.
Direct link to the full report in PDF


Take a (fuzzy) look at the state and content of my research. I’ve decided that Reddit might be better than Instapaper, hence r/KarmicAssemblages. Feel free to comment, subscribe or post stuff I might need to check.



The Tambun Series -001

The Tambun Series -Wat Ku Tao

Wat KuTao – Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have joined Team WIKISPEED

WIKISPEED designs and builds cars with a fuel-efficiency of over 100mpg. What is truly groundbreaking is that it is done through a global team of collaborating volunteers, using methodology initially used for software development.

Watch WIKISPEED founder Joe Justice’s amazing TEDx presentation here.

Karmic Assemblages and the Network Society – PhD Research Project

My research proposal has been approved by the School of Creative Media at City University, Hong Kong. The project will beging in Nov. 2012. Click on the image to download the PDF.

Bandung Spirit Conference 2011, Indonesia

On Nov 18, 2011 I presented a condensed version of my master’s thesis Awakening from Capitalism, available in PDF here. Full version coming soon from P2P Foundation books.

Bandung Spirit Conference site here.

To Feel Like Paying: A visit to the anomaly of happiness

An analysis of Lentil as Anything, a pay-as-you-feel restaurant in Abbostsford Convent, Melbourne Australia


Tourists outside a temple

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The KJF Initiative

Project with the support of the School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne.

Follow the link to learn more (read the Manifesto)

Read the blog

KJF ads (drafts)

See more here

Tourists waiting for the sunset

Angkor Wat, Cambodia