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“Liquid Separation” paper nominated to Best Paper award at CEDEM15 Conference in Krems, Austria

LiquidFeedback's Identity Obfuscation Sheme

CEDEM 15 Conference Website click here.

Conference Program PDF

Read the paper

Liquid separation: three fundamental dimensions within LiquidFeedback and other voting technologies here.


The Sihuhata (สี่หูห้าตา)


The Sihuhata is the creature with four ears and five eyes. It inhabits the hills of Chiang Rai, eats red hot coal and poops gold!

The P2P Democracy research project at Leuphana Inkubator


I have joined the German research center Leuphana Inkubator as Research Fellow. The project is titled P2P Democracy, and forms part of a wider initiative, Grundversorgung 2.0.

More on the Inkubator Website : http://www.leuphana.de/inkubator.html

And the Grundversorgung 2.0 blog: http://digitale-grundversorgung.de/

Updates on this project as it develops.

TEDX Costa Rica

17-expositor_0032 copy

I will be speaking about the Collaborative Economy at the upcoming 2013 TEDx event in Costa Rica. (Feb. 2013)

Update: Here’s a pic!

(It must be noted that the image behind me corresponds to a diagram made by Rachel Botsman, whose work I was referencing at the moment this picture was taken.)

“Asia Deep Dive on Commons” event organised by CSG in Bangkok

Organised by the Commons Strategy Group, hosted by the  Heinrich Boell Foundation.

More about this event at: http://p2pfoundation.net/Asia_Commons_Deep_Dive

The Commons Strategy Group has recently published a great compilation of essays, very useful for anyone looking to get started on the topic of ‘the commons’.


The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State



IEEE Conference on Technology and Society in Asia 2012

Organised by IEEE  Society on Social Implications of Technology




Take a (fuzzy) look at the state and content of my research. I’ve decided that Reddit might be better than Instapaper, hence r/KarmicAssemblages. Feel free to comment, subscribe or post stuff I might need to check.


I have joined Team WIKISPEED

WIKISPEED designs and builds cars with a fuel-efficiency of over 100mpg. What is truly groundbreaking is that it is done through a global team of collaborating volunteers, using methodology initially used for software development.

Watch WIKISPEED founder Joe Justice’s amazing TEDx presentation here.

Bandung Spirit Conference 2011, Indonesia

On Nov 18, 2011 I presented a condensed version of my master’s thesis Awakening from Capitalism, available in PDF here. Full version coming soon from P2P Foundation books.

Bandung Spirit Conference site here.

Taming PedoBear

The structures of the cultural fringe, hyperspace jumping, and the loop of capital

This paper is an attempt to understand the structures of web-based cultural production, specifically the activity that takes place in sites like 4Chan and Reddit, and the flows and transformations that content goes through as the mainstream deals with the indigestible. The case of PedoBear and its paradoxical relation with Jon Stewart’s ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ is used as a case study that illuminates on the complexities that inform these realms of contemporary culture.

PDF: Taming PedoBear

Beyond Sabotage

Of newspapers, migration, and finding happiness


Among the different ways in which Marx described the crisis of capital accumulation (overproduction, the law of diminishing returns, etc.), there is one that goes largely unrecognized: the workers’ desertion of the factory.

Paolo Virno –About Exodus

There was a time, not long ago, when one eagerly picked the day’s newspaper in the morning with the feeling that it was a sort of magic object that contained the world. Not only because journalists narrated the joys and disasters of the day, but to a great extent because of the exuberance and timeliness of everything else inside: current movie listings and reviews, art shows, judicial news, sporting results, opinion columns, the stock market and exchange rates, ongoing comic strips, fresh crossword puzzles; even the recently deceased were made relevant one last time. The newspaper was a unique heterotopia (Foucault 1986) that compressed the social space; a sort of ephemeral aleph that allowed you to hold the Zeitgeist in your hands thus infusing a comforting sense of orientation within the daily labyrinth. The crisis of newspapers perhaps really is the result of the fact that, due to the explosion of information technology, most of those attached features now feel redundant, and the whole magic is gone.

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UnaSerieDeCosas (A Series of Things)

44 Drawings

A3 Format – Watercolur & pencil

Bogotá, 2009

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