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“Liquid Separation” paper nominated to Best Paper award at CEDEM15 Conference in Krems, Austria

LiquidFeedback's Identity Obfuscation Sheme

CEDEM 15 Conference Website click here.

Conference Program PDF

Read the paper

Liquid separation: three fundamental dimensions within LiquidFeedback and other voting technologies here.


The Sihuhata (สี่หูห้าตา)


The Sihuhata is the creature with four ears and five eyes. It inhabits the hills of Chiang Rai, eats red hot coal and poops gold!

Bitcoin Rises -Al Jazeera

Read: Bitcoin Rises

bitcoin rises

TEDX Costa Rica

17-expositor_0032 copy

I will be speaking about the Collaborative Economy at the upcoming 2013 TEDx event in Costa Rica. (Feb. 2013)

Update: Here’s a pic!

(It must be noted that the image behind me corresponds to a diagram made by Rachel Botsman, whose work I was referencing at the moment this picture was taken.)

Al Jazeera: “The crisis of global journalism and the Freedom of the Press Foundation”

Read “The crisis of global journalism and the Freedom of the Press Foundation”

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“Asia Deep Dive on Commons” event organised by CSG in Bangkok

Organised by the Commons Strategy Group, hosted by the  Heinrich Boell Foundation.

More about this event at: http://p2pfoundation.net/Asia_Commons_Deep_Dive

The Commons Strategy Group has recently published a great compilation of essays, very useful for anyone looking to get started on the topic of ‘the commons’.


The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State



Al Jazeera publishes “Not so fast: Cosmopolitics and the Higgs boson”

Read “Not so fast: Cosmopolitics and the Higgs boson”


IEEE Conference on Technology and Society in Asia 2012

Organised by IEEE  Society on Social Implications of Technology



“Life in a Network for Survivors: The Thermonuclear Apocalypse and the Protocols of Freedom” -Published at P2P Foundation

Read on P2P Foundation:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Schoolgirls and the Rosetta Stone

London, UK